Namaste, Its Aum Dhyana. With an extensive background in Banking, dance and fitness,

I started yogic education and practice under the able guidance of Yogi Rishikumar ji, the founder of Classical Yoga International (CYI) and Atmanubhuti Yoga Sangha (AYSA). Since then I live, love, laugh, breath, eat, sleep and cry Yoga. Yoga inspires me to live each moment mindfully. I have completed CYI’s RYT 200H Classical Yoga Teachers Training, AYSA’S RYI 500H Advanced Classical Yoga Teachers Training and CYI’s RYT 50H Fly Yoga Teachers Training. Since my childhood I have a deep sense and passion towards serving humanity and getting closely connect to self, nature and universe. I have always wanted people to be happy, healthy and peaceful. The yogic and spiritual teachings of my master instilled deep connection with my vision and thereon I took yoga as a tool to serve humanity and nurture my passion. I have experienced the healing results of yoga in my life physically, mentally and spiritually and has happily started teaching yoga ever since sharing my passion and love of yoga and aim to bring the same to other people in a safe, caring and productive environment with a sense of fun and enjoyment. I believe that every body is a yoga body and regardless to the age, size, shape, religion, culture, gender, capacity and ability anyone can practice yoga and enjoy the numerous benefits of yoga. My classes offer Classical Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Pranayama, Meditation, Rope Yoga, Props Yoga, Wheel Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Kids Yoga, Partners Yoga, Prenatal and postnatal pregnancy, wellness programs and general fitness. My teachings incorporates breath attention and body alignment, emphasizes strong and integrated body-mind-soul connection and cultivates strength, flexibility and balance. My teachings makes you happy, healthy, bold, confident, more beautiful, mindful and peaceful. You will start to love you more, your family, your friends, your existence and the entire universe and hop to come to my classes again. I will always be a student of yoga practice and am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my master has shared with me.