Classical Yoga T.T.C


Classical Yoga teacher training course of CYI is a very unique program for all the Yoga aspirants who are looking to learn deeper aspect of Yoga based on Indian Spiritual Tradition. There is great importance of Classical Yoga in modern time because it helps to improve the physical and mental health by reducing high stress level, detoxification of body and awareness to self. Classical Yoga practices helps in development of consciousness to true Self. People from all walks of life, ages and physical condition can practice Classical Yoga.


Yoga Acharya Course


The word ACHARYA means "MASTER" YOGA ACHARYA is the well-designed yoga course to impart the Classical Yoga wisdom to students with any background of education or interest. Anyone can join this course. This Course provides step by step knowledge about Yogic theory, Practice and secret practices for development of physical, mental energy level and awareness to self. It gives complete knowledge of classical Yoga from basic to advance level. It brings a unique sense and approach in self Yoga practice and teaching. After completion of this course students are rewarded with title of YOGA ACHARYA. This Course is equivalent to 500hours T.T.C course of Yoga Alliance and Level-2 of Yoga Certification Board (AYUSH).

Course duration is three month in full time mode, six month in part time mode. 




  • Introduction to Yoga

  • Nadi (Subtle passage of energy) and Guna (Basic qualities of body and mind).

  • Prana (Vital Forces)

  • Three Body

  • Yogic concept of Mind (Antahkaran) and method of wellbeing.

  • Kosha (Five layers of human existence)

  • Chakra Yoga (The Yoga to activate dormant center of energy within)

  • Svara Yoga (Way to bring harmony between body and Nature)

  • Yogic diet, life style and Sadhana (Ethics for Yoga Teacher)

  • Method of correcting a Posture

  • How to improve Yoga teaching and communication skills

  • Bhakti Yoga , Karma Yoga ,Gyan Yoga

  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Anatomy & Physiology of different system of the body.

  • Study about common diseases and their Yogic Management.

  • Antarang Yoga (Internal Yoga based on Patanjali Yoga Sutra)

  • Yoga Psychology

  • Emptiness yoga

  • Yoga Sadhana

  • Yoga Sutra Chapter 1,2,3,4

  • Yoga Counselling

  • Techniques of Teaching Yoga Class and creating a class according to requirements of member.

  • Yoga Sharing Model



  • Joint Practices

  • Suryanamsakara with Mantra and Deep Breathing

  • Vinyasa Flow & Making Style

  • Standing Asanas

  • Forward Bending Asanas

  • Backward Bending Asanas

  • Spinal Twisting Asanas

  • Vajrasana group of Asanas

  • Balancing group of Asanas

  • Inverted Asanas

  • Advance Asanas 

  • Neti (Nasal cleansing), Kunjal (Stomach cleansing) practices & Sankhaprakshalana (Intestinal cleansing), Nauli,

  • 20 kinds of Pranayama (Traditional Breathing Practices)

  • Pranayama with Bandha

  • Mudra (Body Getsure)

  • Tratak, Yoga Nidra, Antar Mauna (practice of Pratyahara)

  • Ajapa Japa, Hridyakasha Dharana, Chidakasha Dharana (Practices of Dharana)

  • 15 kinds of Meditation Techniques

  • Kundalini Yoga Flow

  • Chakra Cleansing practices

  • Mantra chanting learning

  • Yoga therapy & Sadhana (spiritual practice) style Class


For any further enquiry about Course details or syllabus, please contact us freely.


 Facilities available 

  1. Accommodation in double sharing room

  2. Three meals and Snacks during between Class.

For any further enquiry about Course details or syllabus, please contact us freely


Unique features of our Yoga Teacher Training course:


1. Small group of 5 -10 students for individual attention. 

2. Personal guidance and supervision for intensive Yoga and Meditation practice

3. Detailed and intensive Curriculum which includes all the classical and contemporary systems of yoga.

4. Spiritual and quite serene environment

5. Teaching personal sadhana and meditation to improve learning capacity.



Time Table for T.T.C


6 to 7am - Mantra Chanting & Meditation ( 1 hour Class)

7 to 9 am- Classical Hatha Yoga (2 Hours Class)

9 am - Breakfast

10 to 11pm - Philosophy Class (1 Hours Class)  

11 to 12pm- Anatomy, Physiology  and Yoga Therapy (1 Hours Class)

12pm - Lunch

2 to 4pm Yoga Sutra (2 Hours class)

4 to 7 pm - Body Alignment, Teaching Methodology & Practicum Class (3 Hours)

7pm - Dinner

8 -10pm Antarang Yoga (2 Hours)

Natrajasana training
During Yoga teacher training (Asana prac